Estação Pátio Savassi 2010: The crossing of the contemporaneity

1 de fevereiro de 2010

February theme: Do you inhabit your city?

The word inhabit (borrowed from Heidgger) contains the idea of constructing and cultivating. Cultivating is taking some time together with things, in a pause to rest, and to hear beyond oneself. The one who inhabits has the chance to re-invent him/herself and, thus, to create and also to construct the world that he/she lives in. Curiously enough, the city and the world are not so out of ourselves, they are part of our own lives – there we live – and it is in those places, and in the relationships we set in it and from it, that it is possible to re-invent ourselves. We are, then, responsible for the environment and for the cities where we live as well. Our proposal is to investigate some new ways and possiblities of inhabiting, of cultivating and constructing our city.

Feb/06 – May the radical takeover of everyday life be a way to inhabit the city? – Velloso, Rita
Feb/20 – Public space and cultural manifestations: are our streets places of plain inhabiting? – França, Eduardo
Feb/27 – How does philosophy inhabit the city? – Vitor, Ibraim

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